Mike Wooles: eLearning design portfolio


Here are some examples of recent projects to illustrate my skills creating instructional video, static learning content, interactive features, animation and voice-over.  


‘How to’ feature demo (with audio & text overlay)

A short instructional film of how to make translation changes in Drupal CMS, to allow users to quickly resolve translation issues on eCommerce sites. 


Instructional resources guide (video/audio)

A tour of web based resources, created for the ‘Virtual Try-On’ Facebook share function. 


Animation example (Vyond Studio)

A fun e-learning film example made with Vyond studio, using a trial subscription (hence the watermark). The film captured, cropped and trimmed with Screencastify Pro.  


Interactive learning examples (Articulate 360)

A small sample/demo of various treatments of e-learning questions that are possible within Articulate 360, created on a training course with TCS. Variety, interaction (and a little humour) is important to maintain learner engagement:

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Planning/design (visual storyboard)

As part of writing a short course on calmness, for a group providing support for front-line key-workers, I used a story-boarding approach to plan the modules. 

Creating these mini-sketches of each section helped pull out some additional visual ideas and visualise each module before further development. 


Planning/design (written brief) 

Here is an example outline written for a training module on the personal skill of flexibility. It can prove cost-effective to review outlines with stakeholders, before taking the next steps in the production process.

>> open / download PDF here << 


Other Digital writing

At Ordnance Survey I had a variety of digital roles, including writing for the corporate blog. Here’s an example in  “customers on the map” , an OS blog article with a more informal tone.  

OS blog image