Mike Wooles: eLearning portfolio

Here are some examples of my recent projects:

Interactive e-learning (Articulate 360)

Here is a small sample of e-learning I created, during a two-day course run by TCS training. This is just an illustration of a few techniques I learned during the course. 

Questions and results:

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Internal learning resources (Drupal CMS)

Here’s a short screen-capture of resources created for the Virtual Try-On glasses tool. 

Learning resources: 


e-Learning course script writing

Here is an extract of an e-learning briefing script >>

This can be produced as a design document (Using the ADDIE approach), for review and feedback before course production begins. 


Script example

>> View script (PDF) << 


Screencast with audio instructions

Web tutorial:

A short demo of some website user function, using Screencast and audio to provide richer instructions.