Mike: Learning and Development work

Here is a summary of how I have demonstrated and studied Learning & development related skills:

Proof points:
Learning activities:
Proof points:
  • Collated the digital marketing team’s training needs and organised CIM trainers to deliver onsite training (Ordnance Survey/OS)
  • Facilitated and trained Business Analysts on improving their confidence in a changing organisation (OS)
  • Designed and ran a 4 hour ‘NLP refresher workshop’, to support NLP students’ revision for practitioner course
  • Mentored numerous leavers after they exited long-term careers at Ordnance Survey, to ensure they were successful in the job-market (OS)
  • Supporting an NLP trainer on multiple occasions to deliver personal skills training to corporate clients (Simply Health, Andover)
  • Creating digital learning content for user testing teams (Specsavers, Fareham)
  • Advised on the instructional design of a project encouraging men to undertake a 30-day home-based yoga (Stiffguy Yoga, Winchester)
  • Coached a colleague through his PhD studies, helping him separate training design and academic research (Southampton University)
Learning activities:


  • Sharon Bowman – Trainer at the back of the room (OS – 2 days)
  • NLP Diploma, practitioner and master practitioner qualifications (Over 150 hrs of classroom and self-study)
  • Coaching for performance online qualification (Open University)
  • L&D professional path (LinkedIn e-Learning – 13 hours)

Planned next steps:

  • L&D Instructional design path (LinkedIn e-Learning)
  • Blended learning & Digital content award (CIPD)


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