About What Else

“AndWhatElse?” is a blog created by Mike Wooles, covering changes at work, self improvement and personal resilience topics. Hope you find it useful reading.

Having bounced back from a handful of redundancy situations and worked through workplace stress and the challenges of family mental health challenges, I have learned a thing or two about resilience and challenges on what to do next. Good coaching questions can really help with these challenges.

Why ‘And what else’ ?

AndWhatElse? a great question taken from coaching training, some of which comes from NLP and other related verbal and emotive intelligence training. It’s amazing how a simple question can help tip your thinking into going somewhere new.

‘AndWhatElse’ is also great for innovation and generating more ideas to solve a problem.  What else could you make? Or achieve? Or bring, to solve a problem. How could you go beyond the boundaries of what you are or what you do now? It sums up both these areas or interests, that’s why it’s the title of this site.

“And What Else?” also supposes there’s always more to know. More to learn. This is definitely a positive philosophy I highly recommend for any situation. It summarises the healthy optimism of coaching and continuous improvement that drives us to be curious and keep asking good questions to help move forward.

What next?

Keep on with your own great work, keep learning (from your mistakes and successes) and keep asking questions to help move forward. If you need help, please get in touch. 

I’ve successfully supported many people in their own ‘what else?’ journeys. If you need coaching or consultancy with your own ‘what else?’ here’s a little about my own journey.

Thanks for your interest.

All the best!