About What Else

“AndWhatElse?” is a blog created by Mike Wooles, writing about changes at work, self improvement, training and personal resilience topics. The world of work can be a challenging place.

Because of my experience surviving multiple redundancy situations, 2 TUPE transfers and recruitment and exit management, I’ve learned a little about career change. (See Author bio for more on my journey)

I hope my words are of interest and inspiration. Perhaps they will help you as your career changes. Contact us if you need a little help.

Why ‘And what else’ ?

AndWhatElse? – is a great question taken from coaching training, some of which comes from NLP and related business coaching skills training.

For me, it’s also a reminder to ask friendly and open questions during coaching that create more opportunities for clients and friends. Aim a little higher, think a little broader. Try a little longer. Try another route.

It’s amazing how a simple question can help tip your thinking into going somewhere new.

When careers and work changes, you often need to take a good look at your skills, experience and think about side the box.

When you’ve summarised your situation, asking ‘And what else?’ can help shift your thinking. Besides coaching situations, AndWhatElse’ is also great for innovation and generating ideas to solve a problem. Think laterally. What else can solve the problem?

What else could you make? Or achieve? Or think about, to solve this. How could you go beyond the boundaries of what you are or what you do now? It sums up both these areas or interests, that’s why it’s got the headline spot.

AndWhatelse also pre-supposes (fancy word for assumes) that there’s always more to know. It summarises the healthy optimism of coaching and continuous improvement and not to stick with negative options.

Achieve more – ask better questions.

And what next?

If you have questions relating to this blog or need help with your career changes, please get in touch.

Thanks for your interest.