About Mike

Mike has worked in a variety of roles where the need for creativity, content and humour has been an essential skill to support the projects and people he works with.

His wider interests in self-taught learning and development have taken in many directions including certifying in NLP based coaching at Master-practitioner level. He has also gained business coaching qualifications through studies with the Open University, the ILM and the CIPD.

Improving is good.

Away from his desk he enjoys movement based ‘improver’ practices including indoor climbing (bouldering), martial arts and more recently ‘stiff guy yoga’ to prevent the loss of movement that comes from desk based work. He likes to get outside too.

This ‘nerdy’ interest in physical and mental self-improvement and finding your niche in life is reflected in this blog. He has a day job in improving digital experiences, so he is comfortable with ‘improvement nerd’ as a label. (or E/I-NFJ if you speak Myers Briggs).

Working in an Agile environment is also an influence. It’s a great way to organise dynamically using a framework that suits a changing world.

His ambition is to spend more time writing and help more people through career transitions with his coaching skills. If you have coaching or writing opportunities, please get in touch.

Mike writes, blogs, tweets and moonlights as an assistant trainer/coach with Axiom training uk. He is grateful for their investment in his development journey.