Weather and News this week

Do you remember in school where your Teacher asked to write your news after a holiday or half-term?

It was a bit like the content you put in your thank-you letters between ‘thank-you for my present…’ and an update on the weather. …well, that’s pretty much how mine used to work. Hopefully I said something of interest occasionally!

I don’t have an article or topic, but it’s been an amazing week, so I’m just going to go with ‘my news’ and see where that ends up.

New people this week

This week I had an online meeting with Nelson Mandela’s body guard. I count that as an unusual occurrence in my circle of friends. Chris Lubbe talked about growing up during apartheid, some terrible and traumatic events and some amazing, positive experiences too.

I was really moved by his words and it made me think how important it is to call out those little moments of bias and racism we all experience occasionally in our lives. Just saying “You can’t say that anymore…” to a relative making an unfortunate remark makes a difference. Hopefully none of us will be in a position where we have to take stronger action that this.

OK – that’s the moral bit done, I promise. Some of you are saying “…enough!” but I felt it was important though, thanks for reading.

Friends and things

I’ve had a really amazing week with friends this week. I just feel massively grateful for all the great people I know. So many of them have helped me and said encouraging things about my new job, moving into Instructional Design from digital project delivery. When you’re in a new job this support makes such a big difference.

Quite a few of my network of mates have been through some kind of challenge or career ‘trauma’ recently. I hope I’ve helped them in some way by listening or checking in on them too. If you’ve got some buddies going through any kind of change or stress, send them a message or ask them a question to get their attention. It makes a difference, particularly in this separated/locked down world we live in right now.

Since we’ve been in lock-down I’ve been sending an old school chum friend of mine a small update, sometimes written and sometimes an audio message on Whats-App. He’s working in another country, so I’ve sent him some ‘Britannia news’ and occasionally (…I admit) just a Weather update, just like my School news.

It’s been great to talk to him, weirdly playing weekly blog ‘tag’ across the Atlantic has been a great way to communicate and we’ve had a few laughs too. As I said earlier, these micro-communications can make a big difference. I think we’ve spoken more in the last 10 months than the last 10 years.

Side hustle project stuff

When I started my new job, I used a creative project to help me get through the door at interview. However, in the first few weeks of work you’re often pretty spent mentally by the end of the day, so I’ve parked my ‘dream’ as a sensible step. It’s felt the right thing to do, in terms of performance in my first few weeks and mental wellness.

Now that I’m a few weeks in, I’m starting to feel more alive again in the evenings, not so worn out with all-day learning. There’s still PLENTY to learn, but I think the rate has slowed a little and I’m finding my feet, where I fit in and where I can help.

Writing this post is a good sign! – Maybe a green light that I’ve got the energy and brain-space to do creative work outside of the 9-5 again. Also, for info – the brain uses about 20% of the bodies energy – check out “Brain Facts” for more info.

I think that percentage probably goes up when you start a new job and your brain is in a high learning gear for most of the day! (and busy filing all that new info at night using your subconscious). This article makes some good points on adult learning challenges.

No wonder there’s not much space for writing and creating sometimes.

My weather news

To finish this blog as a I started/in the same style:

It’s mostly been raining and we haven’t been out so much. But I still learned a lot at School this week..Hope the weather is OK with you. See you soon.

Best wishes and Thanks 🙂 Mike x