Platform nine and three quarters

pat-krupa-CJGBPvTKykU-unsplash (1)

Sometimes in life and your career you are at Kings-cross station and all you can see is platforms Nine and Ten. Prescribed choices are limited and maybe none of them look like the way you want to proceed.

Yet, you know inside that what you really want is something else. It’s not an obvious choice or path, but if you stay where you are (living with the Dursleys…) you’re not going to be in a happy place. If you take the obvious paths, those don’t exactly take you where you need to go either.

So – you know what to do. Close your eyes and walk quickly towards your real destination.

Thanks for a bit of inspiration from J.K. Rowling while reading to my son tonight. Just a short blog tonight, but I felt it hit the mark.

Remember, just like the book, you need to run towards your goal. And don’t worry about crashing into the barriers.

Onwards to Hogwarts people!

PS: Thanks to Unsplash / Pat Krupa for the image.