Life hacks and new perspectives

Several influential people (I have a collection of good ones, who I like to spend time with) have recently mentioned Tim Ferris. So, I did a little research…

Tim Ferris is the author of ‘The Four hour working week” – a noteworthy book on productivity. He’s a coach, an experimenter, a business investor, an author and an improver. There are clearly some things we could all learn from him.

What I liked about his approach to learning (he has studied some NLP) is his thoughts on modelling (learning by copying successful people). Many coaches recommend reproducing other people’s success to aid your success, but Tim has a different perspective.

If you don’t want to read any further, here’s a quick way to reach Tim’s Podcast that I listened to last week:

Hear Tim's Talk

Still reading? – OK, here’s what’s different about his approach:

Tim’s unusual guidance is – look for people who are successful at something but shouldn’t really be successful.

So, look for business people who don’t have a business background. Or, look at athletes that aren’t shaped like the majority of the other athletes in their field. What is it that these ‘edge-cases’ of success know? If they aren’t naturally disposed to being successful in their field, but there are successful – they must really know something. Right?

Anyway, enough from me… don’t take my word for it, here’s a link to his interview podcast. Check it out yourself: