What can we learn about learning?

I really like learning. If I won the lottery I would blow it all on amazing courses and die very happy. Ha! 😊

OK – I’m sure I wouldn’t spend all of my winnings on courses. but, wouldn’t it be great to have more time to read, listen and learn more great things about the world?

On closer inspection of my self-driven learning activity, where I’m most engaged is when I learn a new framework or higher level improvement for thinking about things.

As a mental framework junky, I really enjoyed learning NLP (for your head), Agile (for digital projects) and Lean (for efficiency).

These are things i would invest in further with more time and budget.

Also I loved the SPRINT design thinking book. A great way to make digital discoveries and learn fast from new customers. Those are a few of my favorites.

So, great learning for me is learning new frameworks for my thoughts and activities. Order emerging from creative chaos perhaps?

That’s why I like NLP and the freedom of approach it gives you, within some elegant guiding principles. As the founders describe it, “NLP is an attitude and a methodology, which leave behind a trail of techniques”, which describes a good leaning investment for me.

Physical frameworks

Frameworks or ways of doing also exist in physical disciplines.Yoga and Kungfu have the same attraction for me, as frameworks for movement as well as a mental frame aspect.

They are both practises as well as containing more transactional exercises, like the trail of techniques in NLP. There are principles, drills, games and scripts to start with.

Then as you advance, you learn to mix, blend and improvise. Both are ‘a state of mind’ with principles to guide and iterations to drive improvement.

I guess they are both principle guided self improvement frameworks, thats the similarity in a long-winded wordy way!

Learning is about self

As well as gaining skills, any learning also has a personal element. Let’s explore this.

You often discover something new about yourself on the learning journey. That’s always exciting – finding a new ‘You’ is a great learning journey.

As well as enjoying learning, investing in a new topic often yields a bigger potential change.Is this something I want as part of my job? Is this a hobby, or something i want to persue further?

As a framework or philosophy, learning becomes a part of your thinking. It’s a personal change as well as an academic progression. There are multi-level benefits from these experiences. Perhaps a change in attitude too.

Why do I continue to invest in Learning?

Good question – perhaps due to working in Digital. Perhaps due to the pace of change in webby work. It’s an unusual industry in many ways.

But, also to fulfill a personal quest to find better frameworks and principles to be a better and more true version of myself.

So learning is career development, skill gain, resilience for change and character development too.

What did we learn here?

Learning is a necessary part of my career. It’s endemic to my industry and it’s something I would continue to do even after that lottery win.

It’s also helping me find myself and learning frameworks has a therapeutic and huge self development value for me.

I guess we are all hard wired to learn. Thankfully its become alot more fun and more purposeful since school days. Digital e-learning has played its part in improving the experience. I’m thankful for that.

This has been a fairly self focused article about my experiences and interests in learning. So, time for a question for you, the reader…

If you had the budget and time, what would you most like to learn?

What would you like to change and improve about yourself?

I hope you learned something from this – and thanks for your interest.