Mind the gap! (Managing the space between jobs)

I’ve recently begun the process of changing jobs again, due to the changing nature of my work at Ordnance Survey. I will, ofcourse, be sad to leave….but….

I have 5 weeks where I’m pretty much free to be at home, having worked really hard on a year of drastic transition and change, including a large number of staff exits. Believe me, that takes its toll.

I have a new role scheduled in, a new brand to work for, new opportunities for learning. A new commute that may provide more space before I reach home and new people to work with.

It seems unusual to have space between work, but many people take time out between contracts to recharge. You can’t “Sprint” continiously. You need downtime, even if you are reasonably resilient. And, just maybe, you earned it with some of the your work.

What can you do between jobs?

The first couple weeks were somehow quite stressful. What would I do with my day? Did I need to keep checking my old job’s email? How much e-learning could or should I cram in? Could I do some exercise or make any useful personal changes?

Last week has been challenging due to the loss of someone in my personal life. Sometimes these things co-incide and you can take the time that is necessary to manage a large emotion filled change in your life. It’s a bit like having more space in your house – you quickly find things to fill it.

Having taken some time to carry out some maintainence, on the house and supporting others, now it’s time to create a routine and some sensible practices before I start my next role. A daily yoga routine is developing, a couple of small SEO courses have been completed and some serious life admin has been done ahead of starting my new role, to proactively clear space for that. And some resting tooa.

What do I recommend for a work gap?

Make sure you take time between work and other commitments in your life. Find that space, reduce your hours or take some unpaid leave. Modern work is very demanding due to all the many channels it can occupy, both online and offline. Sometimes leaving it behind is the best thing you can do to help it progress when you return.

I really wish I’d spend more time on that project or in the office this week”

Attributed to nobody. [Not ever]

Thanks for listening/reading this. Enjoy your weekend – maybe start it earlier than you had planned.

Photo: Pau Casals (unsplash)

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