And what are the positives of Social media?

This week we’re taking a look at the upsides of #socialmedia after last week’s look at the pitfalls of this increasingly prevalent channel. Social media can also be a force for good and positive action.

In recent times we’ve seen the rise of the #metoo movement shine a light on terrible misuses of power in Hollywood and around the world. Just one example and this brief description doesn’t do it justice.  It’s brought a strong voice to a group that needed their message shared across society, amplifying their message through the use of a simple hashtag to help it stick. The movement has inspired others to join/share their struggle. It’s helped raise awareness and unite people with the same concern.

How can social media do good?

‘Social’ can also help crowdsource data and answer problems, driving fundraising, tracking lost property through shared platforms and has been previously used to  identify changes in map datasets, although identifying trusted data can be a crowdsource challenge.

For digital marketers, social channels can connect you with your market, find your customer tribe and provide support channels for service issues. Tweet your complaint and its often swiftly answered big brand names.

Social media is also great for finding learning material. You can find the answer to a DIY problem, or learn how to crochet or find/share photos on a favorite theme.

Overall, social media is a great connecting force. That little ✳ on our phone reminds us of new content. Sometimes it can be a little too persistent. The rise of the #timewellspent movement is highlighting just how much time we spend under the power of the little red update asterisk.

Final thoughts

In summary, social media can help share your message, voice your campaign, crowdsource your problem, find and unite your tribe or improve your brand and gain new skills. Like most digital technologies, there are plenty of self-improvement benefits available from careful use.

There are many benefits from access to content and connectivity. But, don’t neglect your other communication channels though and spending all day on your phone may have some downsides too.

Like all communication channels, use it proportionately and with care and be aware that what you publish quickly becomes public knowledge and attached to your collective reputation online. (Politicians, Tech savants and Presidents, please take note.)

Make the most of social media, but please drive carefully online.