Re-eval-U-ation (time)

Sometimes you need to re-evaluate yourself and make some different selections from life’s menu. It’s important to start this from a position of choice and possibilities. We all have a choice, what to do, where to work, what to subscribe to, who we spend our disposable free time with. Which books we read. Where we sit in a meeting room. All choices.

Our sense of knowing ourselves and what our personality is comes in waves during life. Sometimes your comfy in your skin. Sometimes your discovering your new self. It’s always in flux.

Theres also saying relating to choice about being a victim that comes to mind. This is perhaps an extreme example, but to be someone’s victim you have to continue to give your permission. That’s a choice too. Don’t keep doing something that’s not working either and expect a better result – the road to madness!

I’ve recently felt slightly overwhelmed due to work changes, family challenges and two academic projects that are necessary for my career. (I have decided they are necessary, so that’s a choice I’ve made.)

Consequently I’ve put my marital arts training and learning on hold. It’s a choice while I carry out two pieces of academic training. Somehow it was becoming a burden due to the concentration required and not having enough practice time outside of class.

I’ve also chosen to do a Yoga class on Wednesday each week. Although this feels like taking on a new thing, it’s a time to switch off as it’s uncomplicated and I can be in a ‘flow state’ for an hour. It also starts later, so that in itself makes family time less pressured.

Yoga also reduces my stress overall, subtly, but noticeably. I think the meditation and physical connection is soothing. It just works.

As I get older I find I need more downtime and when things stack up, you sometimes need to just stop and declutter. So, I have paused Kungfu and my ILM studies while I finish another certification. One thing at a time!

A good model for this decluttering is to make some lists of STOP, START and CARRY-ON activities. It’s an easy structure, the decisions may take a little longer. Look at what you do for others as well as yourself. Look at your choices.

That’s all, just evaluate and make some choices to define the new you.

Onwards. Choose well.