What’s in your yoga locker?

When I practice yoga it’s interesting what I leave in my locker:

  • My watch
  • My phone
  • My house keys
  • My shoes
  • My wedding ring

All of these things are signficant in different ways.

While they are all important, having an hour with no time, no digital communications, no financial stress of property ownership, no pressure of a hurried journey is sacred and hugely beneficial.

To just be me, is, as much benefit, as the physical practice of yoga (or any physical training). Activity is time out from the pressures of the world, as well as driving physical improvement. Recognise this and we see the value in meditative moving practice, with a teacher to guide our activities.

As per my last article, we all need time to process our thoughts, validate our ideas and digest the constant stimulation that our digital and aural channels provide. Writing can give this benefit too.

Thanks for reading mine today. Good night! (Shubharaatrhi… since this has a Yoga theme.)