#DEATH and momentum

This week I’ve been thinking about DEATH!! Aaggh!!

Not sure why this is so shocking or unusual, it happens to all of us and all our friends and family. Maybe not good to spend all your time thinking about it, but accept its part of life. #deathhappens

So my Aunty recently passed on, it was a really sad occasion but also great to meet up with friends and family and celebrate her life. Some really funny people from the past turned up and her neighbours and her work from years ago. Amazing to see how someone’s network responds.

Grieving is a funny process, you feel sad, then happy, then sad, then angry and really tired! It’s an activity you have to do so best make time for it. I advise you to get some snacks in and book a space on the sofa. Maybe take in a movie. Slob out a little – Dr’s orders.

Often if you have any injuries they ache or stop healing while you go through it as your body is hurting and needs to heal. That’s weird but noticeable. I guess it’s all more connected than we realise.

If your an Introvert, no surprise you need time on your own to process things. For the extroverts you may need to talk it out. I think you also need some reflective time too. I’m a hybrid so time with small groups of close friends and some me time works. Me time is hard if you have work and family. Scheduled it though.

After it passes and the clouds clear you do feel renewed though. (obviously not if it was you that died…) but life picks up again and you reflection helps you move on.

Time to clear out your garage, take up a new hobby, see good friends or maybe stop doing something too.

I’ve decided to stop doing an activity that I’m not improving at and so a more restorative one. I’ve also focused more on what’s important in terms of some studying for a new job.

Thanks to my Aunty, she meant alot to me. Reviewing her life has helped me refocus. She gave me good advice over the years and good humour.

There are still tears sometimes, but of happiness and sadness – they are the same as Robin Williams said. Feelings are good! Do feelings.

So thanks #death (not often you read that in a blog post…) You help us move forward, focus on the good stuff and give less of f*cks about the negatives, as a good friend of mine put it 🙂 I really must call her too.

Onwards. And thanks for listening.

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