Job change and certainty

Well today we’re writing about certainty (and uncertainty…its less popular cousin) Sometimes at work there’s a black cloud over you when you job changes and it’s not clear what’s going to happen. How you deal with a job change is as important as the eventual outcome.

Uncertainty at work can be very unsettling and will effect your performance in your job and at home. When things are likely to change and not yet clear this will cause stress ‘in the moment’ and anxiety = worrying about a possible future. See Anthony Robins 6 Human needs, certainty is always in the list.

As a reminder on futures, not all futures are bad and the future is what you make it. Soon it will be the present and then you can have some effect on it. Its scary when it’s a future and hard to ignore. If your habit is to plan ahead, and that’s a good habit, uncertainty is a challenge.

In the short term, managing your state while you wait for the change to be revealed is what helps. You may not be able to change the future, but you can take control of now. Doing so gives you some micro-certainty, so take control of a few small things under your nose.

Also, take time to exercise, occupy your restless mind with activities that keep it distracted. Escape a little with favourite media, films, podcasts or books. Exercise too, this keeps you occupied, happy thanks to the chemical benefits of exercise and out of trouble. Be healthy and ready for the change. Get your head clear and update your CV too, if you can accept more fundamental change may come.

There are many less healthy ways to escape the present. Although a drink can help, be wary of the impact of building a negative escape habit or dependence on alcohol or other props.

Once the change comes, you’ll need to process it emotionally. Again this takes time, you need to exercise, have downtime and give yourself the room to process the new world. Think about who can help with this in your network and again find healthy ways to get offline and process what’s occurring. Look for positive guides to help you move forward.

Certainty will return. Look after yourself during the time when it’s absent.