Marching on in March

This year I’ve missed blogging while I work on my ILM coaching course – it’s hard switching something you like doing for something you need to do. Sometimes you have to make the sacrifice or the investment. Often it’s worth it.

What’s worked has been a pattern to my week. Tuesday is study night for the course, even if I start late, even if life gets in the way, I do 90 minutes. Progress happens. Some weeks I have time for more or background reading. Every week something happens.

If you have a passion or an area of self improvement, sometimes you hit a plateau. One thing is certain, if you stop, you stay on the plateau. Notice the influence of the seasons and the wet weather on your motivation, as spring is only just underway.

And keep going, keep that weekly or daily habit and you’ll keep moving forward. Little, by little. Week, by week. Sometimes you don’t notice the progress you’re making. That’s often the way with training Don’t quit. Eat, Sleep, Repeat, Improve and notice your progress or praise your consistency.

So that’s all for this one. Keep it up. Move towards where you want to be. The sun will shine. The clocks will change. Here come the Daffodils. Keep on.