2018 – content slow down

Due to study commitments it’s likely my blogging/posting will slow during 2018. The upside will be moving towards achieving the ILM 5 certificate in coaching and mentoring.

When you take on extra commitments its good to think through the impact it will have and be realistic about the areas of your life that need to accommodate additional work.

Here are some examples:

  • How will your study effect your working patterns?
  • What will you need to discuss with your family to make this a success?
  • What personal resources do you have to help you achieve your goals?
  • How will this extra project effect your activities with social groups or other commitments outside work and family?

Every decision you make has an ecological ripple with family, friends, work, health, Finance and your personal network. For larger projects it’s worth considering all of these. Think about how you can make it work well (don’t use them as reasons not to move forward).

Finally, for those that support you, don’t forget to include them in your celebration of your success when you achieve your goal.