What did you learn this week? 

I had a particularly rough week this week, my car was most likely written off and I was given an extra team to manage at work. It’s been a handful. 

But hey, don’t feel sorry for me!?!  I didn’t write this to gain your pity! Er, no thanks!

This week I learned a few things about myself. I learned that in the face of adversity I keep my temper and get things sorted out. It’s easy to lose your patience after a stressful experience. Generally it doesn’t help your position on an issue and a sudden uncontrolled display of emotion doesn’t build trust amongst your team. You need to release the stress and emotion but with a little more control. 

Also I learned about people at work. Some asked about my welfare from a duty of care. Some were genuinely concerned and gave me a hug. Some people gave useful and timely advice You can see what people’s focus is when the going gets choppy and what they can offer you. 

Also I learned that I get what I want from work. I still attended a valuable training course, still addressed some strategic challenges and still dealt with some team performance issues. 

It’s good to be tested sometimes. Being out of your comfort zone  you realise where your gaps are. Learning is always welcome but hopefully things will be a little calmer next week!