Learning Lean in ’17

This year I’m learning about Lean. (after Xmas we could all be a bit leaner… ) No, this kind of lean is about all about how you do things and how to reduce waste. 

Why learn about Lean? Well – pretty much every job you do as a project manager or team leader involves doing more or the same with less.

It’s easy to keep doing what you’ve always done. If you keep your people and processes the same, don’t develop them, add new skills or recruit new talent or challenge your existing team, you get the same results. 

Getting the same results is absolutely fine… IF, your environment isn’t changing, your competitors aren’t improving (or you don’t have any) and technology is static and your customers have the same needs. So, it’s not going to work well as a long term strategy. 

As per my last blog on change at work, no industry or market stays the same, customers want more and competing companies will enter your market as technology barriers fall. 

So, although my focus is usually people development, its always good to learn and challenge what you do. I usually feel that it’s better and more satisfying to be focused on improving than to have an improvement suddenly demanded of you.

It’s better to be ready or ahead of new demands. It’s a more resilient approach. Learning is a proactive way of handling change, so your ready for that new challenge. 

So – another tip for change, see it as a chance to learn and raise your game. What can you learn this year to be ready for change? 

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