Questions – my weapons of choice

AndWhatElse?  is one of my favourite questions that repeatedly came up when I was studying identity in NLP. It’s a tough one, but it’s your friend as it pushes you forward, beyond your what’s top of mind to really think about something and to get into all the corners of your mind. Think! What else??

But WhatElse? (aside coaching) is it helpful for?

What else has huge use and potential for you in the creative world. My last boss accosted me recently at his leaving bash and said I had some great people in the team, but that they must not charge ahead with their first idea. 

Part of your ideas and create process should be to always go beyond idea one. It may be a worthy thought but have the self control and energy to go another round on idea generation.

Bring in alternative ways to crack the problem. Play around the idea space for a while. Also remember that your boss (real or in your head) would never sign off one idea. You always need to present choices and show thinking. That’s what gets you the gig in Agency world too.

Once you have a couple of ideas, change gear from idea generation to refinement and selection, pick the best one against the stated problem (is it still the same problem?)  and look for the optimum outcome. 

Maybe take the best of two ideas and make a third one. Whatever you do, don’t go with idea one. 

Ask yourself these questions? 

  1. Are you feeling lucky?
  2. What else (could you do/are you a capable of/be) ?

And… What Else? Well, how about –  have a merry Christmas!